Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is the fundamental cornerstone for many economically important industries today, creating a demand for high quality chemistry graduates. If you choose to study a Chemistry degree, you will find it is an incredibly exciting science, with substantial hands on practical work. As a chemistry graduate you will have a diverse range of careers open to you in both laboratory and non laboratory roles.

Department of chemistry was incepted in the Academic Year 2014-15 with an objective of motivating the students to pursue chemistry as their career. The job potential to the chemist is very high now and opportunities to provoke research in chemistry are ample. Needless to say that for a developing country likes ours, “CHEMISTRY IS OUR LIFE AND FUTURE”. The department has well equipped Laboratories and Library.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry is, of course, a very practical subject and so strong emphasis on the acquisition of laboratory skills. In your first, second and third year. This will take the form of instruction and practice in some key fundamental laboratory techniques. This will include the preparation and purification of compounds, the use of sophisticated modern equipment and instrumentation and the analysis of unknown compounds. The practical and analytical skills developed during this time will be fully utilized during all the three year.

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