Selected Candidate List

Selected Candidates List: 2015-16

The name list of successful candidates placed during 2015-16 is as below:

12016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)A. Kavitha
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)K. Deepalakshmi
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)E. Rathika
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)V. Gomathi
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)R.Akshaya
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)M. Sheeba
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)G. Divya
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)R. Shalini
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)M. Nasreen
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)S. Tamil Magal
2016Non-ITIII BA (Eng)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)M. Sevanthi
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (G)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)B. Sreeja
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (G)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)Swathi Saraf
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (BM)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)S. Kavitha
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (BM)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)T. Priya
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (BM)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)Sobhana Sekar
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (CS)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)B. Shahedha
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (CA)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)M.S. Vishmaya
2016Non-ITIII B.Com (CA)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)R. Jansi Rani
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)V. Nandhini
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)S. Priyanka
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)P. Blessy Carmichael
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)R. Maheshwari
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)Y.Disha
2016Non-ITIII B.Sc (maths)TCSOn campus (8-1-16)G. Princy
2016Non-ITIII BBATCSOn campus (8-1-16)M. Kamatchi
2016Non-ITIII BBATCSOn campus (8-1-16)J. Sona
2016Non-ITIII BBATCSOn campus (8-1-16)B. Sahana Begum
2016Non-ITIII BBATCSOn campus (8-1-16)M. Pradeepa
2016Non-ITIII BBATCSOn campus (8-1-16)S. Aradhana Kumari
22016AllB.Sc (CS)EXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)V. Gayathri
2016AllB.Sc (CS)EXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)M. Divya
2016AllB.Sc (CS)EXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)M. Beema Pappammal
2016AllBCAEXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)G. Muthupechi
2016AllBCAEXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)E. Saranya
32016AllB.Com (G) 'A'DHAN FOUNDATIONOn campus (26-2-16)M. Santhana Lakshmi
2016AllB.Com (G) 'B'EXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)S. Kavitha
2016AllB.Com (G) 'B'EXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)M.Divyasri
2016AllIII BBAEXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)A. Sharifa Bee
2016AllIII BBAEXCELENCIAOn campus (26-2-16)A. Jesi Jenifer

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