Language Lab

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. English language learning has therefore become a must for student today. The language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process. The language lab is developed on the methodology of LSRW skills.


  • To maintain good linguistic competence- through accuracy in grammar, Pronunciation & Vocabulary.
  • To develop pragmatic competence, to understand the grammatical form & function & scale of formality.
  • To enrich the discourse competence, to prepare the learner to be able to produce contextualize written text and speech.
  • To acquire strategic competence to use both spoken & written language to use in a wide range of communication strategies.
  • The Lab software is more attention enthralling for the students, where they are engaged with individual systems.
  • The students can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with the each other and the teacher, and store the results.

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