Computer Lab

The Department aims to bring innovation in technology to go beyond fundamentals with a view to building interest in students for specialized research, guide students in the development of new languages and to instill interest in hardware production, to create the ability in students to develop new languages.

Inculcating job-oriented value based quality education in the discipline where students will be well versed in software development with quality inter personal and professional skills. The curriculum reflects the depth and width of Computer Science with hands on understanding of technology.

Our Graduates exhibit skills in identifying and solving real world problems across the broad range of application areas that incorporate societal needs., employ self-learning towards continuous improvement of knowledge and communicate effectively to face challenges in changing environment and exhibit the professional code of ethics and demonstrate ethical behavior to attain the leadership quality in their job and Society.

The department has well equipped laboratories with facilities that are vital to train the students in state-of-art software and hardware.


  • Four Computer Laboratories with 220 systems
  • Furnished 18 Class Rooms
  • 3 UPS
  • Internet Facility


  • C/C++/Java Lab
  • RDBMS Lab
  • Digital / Microprocessor Lab
  • Internet Technology Lab
  • Tally Lab
  • Python
  • Web Technology
  • PL/SQL
  • Tools & Testing Lab

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