14th Fresher’s Welcoming Day (4.7.18)

14th Fresher’s Welcoming Day was held at Vidhya Sagar Women’s college on 04 July 2018. Er. Gautam P. Vaid, Correspondent, Guru Shree Shantivijai Jain College for Women, Chennai was the Chief Guest and Dr. B. Poorna, Principal, Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women, Chennai was the Presiding Guest. The Presiding Guest Dr. B. Poorna addressed the students about the importance of life – attitude, moral values, technology, to concentrate on self education, to pursue their goals and dreams. She encouraged the students to spend time with nature, to avoid mobile phones. A total of 94 students who have secured school toppers and more than 80% and the sports excels received their scholarship. In his speech he motivated the students to think positive, to develop their personality; women with empowerment will achieve more to gain knowledge through experience.

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