Faculty Development Program (11- 12 July,18)

In VidhyaSagar Women’s College IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance cell) organized ICT Academy’s training program for two days to the faculties from our college and other colleges in and around Chengalpattu. The Resourse Persons were Mr. K. Nirmal Kumar, Senior Manager of ICT Academy and Miss.Barkavi. Program was based on the topic “CREATIVE THINKING”. First the program was started by Miss. Barkavi on Introduction about ICT Academy and video based on technological development. They encouraged the faculties to implement new and creative ways in the class room and to equip the students with creative thinking skills. Main content of the training program was creativity vs Innovation vs critical thinking. Imagination with creativity leads to innovation was their focus. Tina Seelig’s Creativity Engine was introduced. He gave a detail explanation about the six contents in creativity engine. Thus the two days program ended with creative activity.

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