Forest in the Making 29.9.18

Forest in the Making: Volunteers to plant saplings across 145 acres of land converted into a forest at Mahindra City was organized by Hafiz Khan, Forest Creator, Communi Tree on 29th September 2018. Vidhya Sagar Women’s College joined with Forest Creator, Communi Tree for Planting – Plant Saplings in the space at Mahindra World City. These included native species like mangoes, lemon and Jamuns, etc. These were to bring birds, butterflies and small animals into the space by giving them a dense green cover. “Aiming for a dense forest, the saplings were planted with two-feet gap.” Around 1000 students and 31 faculties of our college voluntarily came forward for planting 7000 plant saplings to create South India’s Largest Man Made Forest.

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