Industrial Visit


Name of Company: Transforma Pvt.Ltd, Koyambedu

DAY 1: 18/10/2022
Staff Accompanied: Mrs. V. Sujatha, Mr. K. Samuel, Mrs. S. Gomathimeena.
Class Attended: III BSc.CS (53)

DAY 2: 19/10/2022
Staff Accompanied: Mrs. V. Sujatha, Mrs. K. Latha, Ms. T. Anisha.
Class Attended: III BCA (56)

About the company:

  • Transforma Pvt. Ltd is a publishing company which provides various services- Content transformation, Digitization, etc. They also provide IT services- Design, Develop, Automation, and Security solutions.
  • The known tools they used were Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.
  • They mainly focused on providing these excellent services to sectors like- Education (Universities) sector, Pharma sector, and Healthcare sector.

What the students learnt:

  • Students were introduced into the publishing industry with a clear-cut explanation to all the processes involved between.
  • Students were given an inside picture to how the company works with a DEMO SESSION, where all the tools and software were shown and executed live.
  • Students were taught about the term “plagiarism” and how important it is in the publishing industry.
  • Students were taught about Team and importance of TEAM WORK.

Feedback Session:

  • At the end of the presentation given by the Director and the teams, students were asked to give their feedback.
  • “Very informative”, “Interesting to know the tools used”, “Friendly members”, “Enjoyed new learnings”, “Learnt the importance of team work”, such were many positive feedbacks given.

Activity Session:

  • To explain about TEAM WORK, an activity was conducted for the students. A game of charades was played between 7 students.
  • The underlying concept was about misunderstanding, comprehension and its effects of a single individual on the entire team.

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