National Voter’s Day 22.12.2021

On the event of National Voter’s Day on 25th Jan’22 as per the G.O and instructions given by the Collector of a Chengalpattu Mr. Rahul Preet. , National Voter’s Day celebrated at Vidhya sagar Women’s college Chengalpattu. In this regard certain competitions are conducted Drawing, Rangoli, Tamil Essay Writing & Tamil Poem writing competitions organised by the Cultural committee. Students joined in these competitions with full of enthusiasm. The Motto of this is to create awareness and the importance of Voting among the students. Because they are the future leaders. Prizes were distributed by the Chengalpattu District Revenue Divisional Officer to the winners. Oath was taken by the RDO of Chengalpattu along with the Principal, Vice Principal, Management Committee Members, Staffs and Students.

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