Students’ Council

To enhance and empower women, the Students Council have designed and presented a workshop on the topic “MANTRA OF SUCCESS” as their mission for the year 2018-19. The objectives of the workshop were Health and Hygiene, Emotional Quotient and Intelligent quotient, Stress management and paving the way for girl child towards Secret of success. The workshop was designed in Power Point Presentation and in addition to this the students demonstrated yoga, karate for self-defense and mime show. Through this workshop, the girls have learnt to defend themselves physically, mentally and socially.The students of our college have carried forward this workshop on the topic “MANTRA OF SUCCESS”to the schools in and around Kanchipuram district.
Each and every action of ourcollege is to exhibit its motto. That is Education, Empowerment, and Enhancement of Girl Children. Hence with dedication and determination; The Students’ Council also initiated wall painting based on the theme – Women Education and Empowerment in Corporation Walls of Chengalpattu surroundings for the first time.

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